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Ireland’s only Debt Management Company authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Payment Institution
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If debts are affecting your life we can help!

Our experienced team of qualified Financial Advisers and Personal Insolvency Practitioners will review your finances FREE OF CHARGE and will then advise you as to the most appropriate solution for you, be that a private arrangement, Personal Insolvency or Bankruptcy. Prima Finance offers all solutions and therefore our advice is completely independent. We have finalised restructuring solutions for thousands of clients’ right across the Country.

We are Ireland’s only debt management company authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to handle client funds and pay your creditors each month.

Key Benefits For You
  • Protect your home

  • Combine all debts into one affordable monthly payment

  • Get your mortgage and other debts re-structured

  • Have outstanding unsecured debts written off

  • Stop stressful phone calls and letters

  • Regain control over your life

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Phone:   1890 456 700
Head Office:    Prima Finance Debt Solutions,
  77 New Street, Killarney,
  Co. Kerry
Private Arrangements
This involves working out what you can actually afford to pay each month towards all your debts. Prima Finance handles all your monthly payments, all negotiations, all letters and all phone calls on your behalf.

Prima Finance’s objective is to negotiate a restructuring of your mortgage and all other debts privately and based on what you can realistically afford.

You will then have just one payment each month, for an amount you can afford
Personal Insolvency
This is a more formal, Court approved process to restructure your mortgage and all other debts with your banks/creditors.

Prima Finance has its own in-house Personal Insolvency Practitioners to handle the entire process, the objective being that you keep your home and after 5 or 6 years all unsecured debts are written off in full.

To date, 85% of all our personal insolvency proposals are approved by Irish banks and other credit institutions
Where a private or personal insolvency arrangement is not attainable or suitable, bankruptcy, may be appropriate for you.

Our experienced financial advisers will review you case and advise you accordingly, where we handle all aspects of your bankruptcy application.

All debts are immediately written-off once you are declared bankrupt.
Client Testimonials Client Testimonials Client Testimonials

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Who We Can Assist

We assist all occupations and professions, including

  • PAYE workers

  • Self Employed individuals

  • Professionals

  • Company Directors

  • Other

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Client Testimonials

"I must say, I found Prima Finance excellent. We were really worried and stressed and I genuinely felt sick in my stomach every day with the worry of it all until I met Prima Finance. I had difficulty sleeping at night. Prima Finance combined all our mortgage and loan monthly payments into one affordable amount and thereafter they got our debts restructured. Today, we can afford the mortgage payments on our home and all other debts will be fully cleared in less than 3 years."

James Tullamore Offaly

"Mary and I signed up with Prima Finance when we realised how experienced they were and that they are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. This put our mind at ease, that we were dealing with a reputable firm. After some months of negotiations by Prima Finance we got €88,000 written off our mortgage and genuinely have a new outlook in life."

Paul & Mary Raheny, Dublin

"I found Prima Finance very open and honest at all stages, at times they outlined a few home truths to me with regard to my (high) living expenses. They got my Insolvency arrangement approved, my home mortgage is now restructured and 80% of all my other debts will be written off in full provided I maintain my monthly payments for the 6 years. I am only sorry I did not contact Prima Finance 3-4 years sooner."

Siobhan Limerick

We had come to the conclusion we would lose our home and had no idea where we and our three kids were going to live. The bank was putting us under huge pressure and the only option they provided was the sale of the house, our family home. We contacted Prima Finance and found their advisers very understanding and helpful at all stages. It took a while, but eventually Prima Finance finalised a restructuring of our mortgage with our bank along with our other debts. It is like we got a second chance at life, that is how dark our life was before we met Prima Finance compared to our lives today.

Michael & Colette Bishopstown, Cork

"After a lot of sleepless nights and unable to concentrate in work, afraid to open the post or door or even answer the phone, a friend told me about Prima Finance. It was a little embarrassing at first, but the lady I dealt with was extremely understanding and informative. I’ve been with Prima Finance for around 18 months now and it has made my life and that of my families a lot easier."

Paul Islandbridge, Dublin 8

"I first heard about Prima Finance from a colleague at work, I had been really struggling for the 12 months prior to getting Prima Finance involved. I just was unable to keep it all going and reacted to which ever creditor literally "shouted the loudest". One month, due to the on going harassment, I paid the credit card company first and then did not have enough to pay the mortgage or buy food, how stupid was that? I was just not able to think or act straight due to the immense pressure I was under".

Tommy Dooradoyle, Limerick