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Ireland’s only Debt Management Company authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Payment Institution
Prima Finance Debt Solutions offers all debt solutions and options in-house, namely; Private Debt Management Plans, Personal Insolvency Arrangements and Bankruptcy.


  • Consolidate all your debts into one affordable payment each month.

  • Get up to 75% of your debts written down.

  • Or, get 100% of your debts written off under Bankruptcy.

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Prima Finance Debt Solutions offers all our clients the broadest range of debt solutions and enables our clients find the most appropriate and suitable long term resolution to one’s debts. The firm has a team of approved Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) on hand to also advise all our clients.

Don’t let shame, guilt or regret hold you back anymore from taking action and regaining control. Your debts will not go away unless you seek independent and specialise advice. Don’t agree any deal with your bank/creditor until you have got such specialist independent advice. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved. Call us today on 1890 456 700 for a FREE and no obligation consultation!

Benefits of our service:

  • A team of experts to handle all negotiations and payments with your banks/creditors,

  • Prima Finance Debt Solutions is regulated as a Personal Insolvency firm and a Debt Management firm,

  • Just one repayment per month for all your loans/debts,

  • We negotiate the most equitable and sustainable restructure of all your debts,

  • Puts an end to stressful bank/creditor phone calls and letters,

  • Avail of our initial FREE consultation from our team of experienced financial advisers and Personal Insolvency Practitioners nationwide. If you wish to avail of our services thereafter, charges do apply.

Prima Finance Debt Solutions experienced team of advisers examine all factors surrounding our client’s finances; their assets, all loans/debts, the security held by creditors, total income and expenditure and the surplus funds available to service monthly loan payments.

We assist all occupations and professions;

  • PAYE workers ,

  • Self Employed individuals,

  • Professionals,

  • Company Directors,

  • Other.
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Prima Finance Debt Solutions Ireland’s 

first approved Debt Management firm

Prima Finance Debt Solutions, the independent personal insolvency firm became the first firm in Ireland to have been approved by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) as an authorised Debt Management (10th January 2014). In addition, Prima Finance Debt Solutions is also the only debt management firm in Ireland to be approved as a Payment Institution by the CBI, enabling the firm to uniquely handle client funds as part of their debt management and debt restructuring plans they negotiate and manage on behalf of their clients. 

Following the authorisation, the firm’s Managing Director, Brian Leslie said "Prima Finance has acquired very significant expertise and experience in personal insolvency and debt management across all banks and credit institutions over the past decade. In addition, the firm has made very significant investments in recent years in staff and systems to offer all possible debt solutions in-house and thereby offer the most comprehensive personal insolvency service in Ireland today". The Payment Institution authorisation means Prima Finance Debt Solutions is now the only firm in Ireland that can offer Debt Management Plans in addition to personal insolvency arrangements and thus offer financially stressed/insolvent clients the most comprehensive range of options and solutions.

Based on firm’s experience in personal insolvency over the past five years and having examined the UK model in detail, Leslie envisages that over the coming years the personal insolvency market is likely to segment as follows; 

  • Personal Debt Management Plans (suitable for  55% + of insolvent clients)

  • Debt Settlement Arrangements (DSA) (suitable for 20% + of insolvent clients)

  • Personal Insolvency Arrangements (PIA) (suitable for 20% + of insolvent clients)

  • Bespoke Bankruptcy Arrangements (suitable for approx. 5%  of insolvent clients)

The firm has also two authorised Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) Niall Kavanagh and Brian Leslie and offers bespoke Bankruptcy solutions for insolvent clients. 

Background to Prima Finance Limited

Prima Finance Ltd was set up by Brian Leslie in 2001, having previously worked for Bank of Ireland Private Banking. The firm specialised as an approved intermediary in the area of investments, lending and insurance in the initial years, but since 2009 have specialised in the area of Personal Insolvency. Prima Finance has a network of specialised and highly trained agents nationwide and is Ireland’s leading debt management firm. 

Prima Finance Debt Solutions completes a detailed standard financial statement with all clients initially. Thereafter, they engage with their clients and all their creditors to formalise a holistic and equitable restructuring/repayment plan for all sides, involving one of the four options as outlined above.

What We Do

Prima Finance Debt Solutions experienced team of advisers examine all factors surrounding our client’s finances; their assets, all loans/debts, the security held by creditors, total income and expenditure and the surplus funds available to service monthly loan payments.

Client Benefits

This service puts a sustainable and affordable structure around their finances. The prospect of having a significant portion of ones debts written off.

The client now has just ONE payment each month, for an amount they can afford.

Company Overview

Prima Finance Debt Solutions is an independent and impartial Personal Insolvency adviser that is at the forefront of Ireland’s debt management and personal insolvency services.

We act as our clients’ personal insolvency adviser and negotiate with all their creditors such as; banks, credit card companies, credit unions and any other creditors to devise and implement a Debt Management Plan that is built around our client’s specific circumstances.

We are a division of Prima Finance Ltd. which is an Irish company and has been in operation within the Financial Services sector since 2001 and has been regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland since its foundation. 

This unique service for PAYE workers, professionals, self employed individuals, business owners and others, combines and integrates our expertise in this area with our reputation amongst all financial institutions for providing this highly professional and truly independent service.

Dublin - Cork - Galway - Limerick    
Phone: 1890 456 700